Some Recent Publications

Japanese Waltzing Mouse Cover Art

The Japanese
Waltzing Mouse

ISBN 978-1-894668-70-5

Blood Cousins Cover Art

Blood Cousins

ISBN 978-1-894668-57-6

Rantings of a Mad Miner Cover Art

Rantings of a Mad Miner

ISBN 978-1-894668-72-9

Welcome to Cranberry Tree Press

Cranberry Tree Press Publishing Services would like to publish your work! Literary excellence, attractive and tasteful design, and quality printing and binding are hallmarks of our books. We're also known for our very reasonable prices.

We publish a wide variety of genres, including poetry, novels, short fiction, and all varieties of non-fiction. Our team of top-flight editors and designers will turn your book into a work of art.

It's getting harder all the time to be published by the large presses, and many small presses burden the author with hidden charges and let the books languish in warehouses while the authors wonder if a royalty check will ever come. Have the confidence to invest in your own publication and have full control of your books.

Unlike print-on-demand services, vanity presses, and typical self publishing companies, Cranberry Tree Press cares about the literary quality of your work. We will work with you to bring the manuscript to publication quality. And, since Cranberry Tree Press maintains these high standards, you can be proud to have our name on your book. Readers and book sellers associate our brand with quality books.

Don't just take our word for it. Explore our site and look at the covers and sample pages from many of our books. And we urge you to compare our prices with the competition!

Cranberry Tree Press is proud to congratulate our authors who placed in the Whistler 2016 Independent Book Awards:

Maggie Ziegler: short-listed for memoir: The Road To Keringet
Rosalind Knight: long-listed for poetry book: Songs of Zambia
William A. Glover: honourable mention for creative non-fiction: Tales of a Mad Miner

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