Cranberry Tree Press Services

What we do

Cranberry Tree Press is a cooperative publishing service. For a fee, we publish your manuscript and give the books to you, the author. All profits from the sale of the book to bookstores go to you, thereby eliminating the publisher as middle-man. Because you deal directly with us, there is no need for an agent, potentially eliminating another middle-man and thereby maximizing your profits. This is what many call the “self publishing” model, although strictly speaking, since Cranberry Tree Press is a publishing service, the books aren't self published. Beyond our initial fee, however, we don't take a cut of the profits. You simply hire us to do what we do best: edit, lay out, design, and have your books printed.

Consultation and Editing

After you contact us and we make arrangements to receive your manuscript we will evaluate it in order to determine the level of editing required. Some manuscripts are fine as they are or require only light editing, while some require more work. Our quote to you will in part be determined by the amount of work needed for editing. We charge by the job, not by the hour, so you don't need to worry about us working slowly to rack up more time. If we feel your manuscript is unsuitable for publication, we will not proceed. This will protect you from investing in a project that has limited prospects for success, and also helps to protect the image of Cranberry Tree Press, which in turn helps those authors who publish under our name.

We are willing to work in a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, poetry, and prose. Although we work only with English language manuscripts, we are happy to accept clients anywhere in the world.

We will then work with you to get your manuscript in the best possible shape before it is passed on to our design team.

Layout, Design, and Preparation

Our experienced designers use industry standard software, such as Adobe InDesign, to prepare your manuscript for press. Experts in typography and layout, they will choose an appropriate typeface and page design, and assemble the book according to accepted conventions of professional book design, while at the same time showing a sensitivity to the aesthetic quality of a beautiful book. We can incorporate author-supplied artwork or photographs in the cover design, or hire an artist to prepare an illustration.

While being readied for press, the books are fully credentialed. Books receive an ISBN and a Bookland EAN barcode, required by major retailers for inventory control and point of sale transactions.

Printing and Binding

We can have books printed using offset lithographic or digital (laser xerographic) techniques. We can do print runs as small as 200 copies or as large as you like. Costs per book, of course, go down substantially as the size of the print run increases. Chapbooks can be saddle stitched (stapled) and larger books can be perfect bound in paperback or hard cover. The particulars of printing, binding, and paper would be discussed with customer as the quote is prepared, so there will be no surprises.

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